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Among the biggest problems for new web marketers is discovering how to promote their products, affiliate products, or internet sites without spending a large sum on PPC advertisements. Fortunately, there are many terrific means to approach doing this, a number of which can assist you with bringing down the costs of your pay-per-click efforts, while others involve zero investmentl. We'll have a look at a few of these techniques for lessening the amount of money you may choose to spend when marketing products or services.

First of all, a few neat methods exist for cutting back the costs of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Poorly written campaigns can spend your funds quicker than just about any other type of internet marketing, and if you are a novice, it's likely you are making some critical errors that are costing you way too much!

Keyword-targeted campaigns are the most commonly utilized campaigns, so keywords are either your finest friends or your biggest enemies. Many resources on internet marketing appear to say that large lists of common keywords are the first path for attracting traffic. While this approach does attract a good deal of traffic, short, common keywords are by and large the downfall of an otherwise effective campaign. Loads of traffic translate into loads of per-click costs. Common keywords, however, don't usually pull in traffic that converts. Remember this about traffic: one highly-targeted potential customer is worth 1000s of non-targeted visitors who do not purchase.

Shorten the keywords you are using and take out generic, slightly-related keywords that are mainly intended to draw in more people. These keywords, in most cases, will not convert well. They tend to cost more per click as well. Aim for the long-tail keywords and the highly-targeted keywords. Some further explanation of these points is in order.

Long tail keywords are comprised of 4 or more words. For example, imagine you are selling a product to instruct others how to earn money on the web. “Make money online,” “make money,” “earn money,” and keyword phrases like those are among the worst keywords you could choose, as these are quite over-used and thus some of the most expensive keywords imaginable! Utilize some keyword software programs and web sites to acquire some long-tail keywords and you might wind up with a list of keywords such as “earn more money online today,” “make money as an internet marketer,” “how do I make more money online,” and so on. These key phrases are going to draw in less traffic, but if you assemble a significant number of long-tail keywords, you will still attract a solid number of hits. And these long-tail keywords will cost you considerably less than the common keywords, and hence you end up with double the traffic for half the cost.

Highly-Targeted keywords are keywords such as “Buy product”, “Purchase product”, and “Order product”. These phrases are quite particular, and will pull in people searching who are ready to buy a product now. This will be some of the most profitable traffic your site will come across!

Site-Targeted campaigns in Google are an frequently neglected but very fruitful method of running a campaign. Determine the web sites at the top of an organic search for your keywords, insert them into your site-targeted campaign, and see the traffic from those web sites filter into yours for a fraction of the price of PPC.

Lastly, one of the best marketing techniques is free as well! Article marketing has turned out to be one of the most effective methods of driving quality traffic to your site. The neatest part about article marketing, apart from being zero-cost, is that your articles can draw traffic for months or even years! Article marketing is a cumulative effort - the more articles you write and post on the internet, the more traffic will keep coming to your web site. It’s smart, it’s easy, and it’s no cost!

Hopefully you now have several new ideas about reducing your marketing expenses and boosting the quality of your traffic. All the best!

Jay Zebrun
CEO, Qi Internetics LLC

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